Aikido Classes

Aikido classes are taught by Mike Cardwell chief instuctor, Sandan (3nd degree blackbelt) and Leroy Cole, Sandan, under the direction of Bill Plank Sensei, Rokudan (6th degree black belt). The class is located at 2030 1st St in Idaho Falls.

Aikido classes run year round and you may start at any time. We encourage you to stop by and observe a class. You may participate if you have a gi or wear loose, comfortable clothing, like sweats. It might be a good idea to read up on our Dojo Etiquette.

Classes generally consist of warm-ups, ukemi (falling), and technical practice. We will occasionally have weapons practice, as well as workshop nights when students are ready to being preparation for testing.

Snake River Aikido does not have a dedicated kids program at this time, but we do allow children to join classes with their parents if they are physically capable and mature enough.

Class Times

Classes are held twice a week: Monday and Wednesday evening from 7:00 to 8:30 pm, and Saturday morning from 7:30 am to 8:30 am. The dojo is open 30 minutes prior to class for personal time for stretching or preparing for class.


You will find the fees to be extremely reasonable and less expensive than just about any other martial art in the area. The current Aikido instruction fee for ages 18 and up is $50 per month, for ages 10 to 17, it is $35 per month.

Commonly used Aikido terms

Japanese English
nage throw
irimi entering
tenchi heaven and earth
kaiten circular turning
waza technique
koshi hip
ura behind
omote in front
soto outside
kokyu breath
uchi inside
kata same side
gyaku opposite side
tori / dori grab
te hand
hiji elbow
mune chest
tsuki thrust or punch

Techniques used in Aikido

Technique Description
ikkyo 1st technique wrist lock
nikyo 2nd technique wrist lock
sankyo 3rd technique wrist lock
yonkyo 4th technique pressure point
gokyo 5th technique wrist pin
irimi nage entering throw
shiho nage four corner throw
kaiten nage rotary throw
kote gaeshi wrist throw
tenchi nage heaven and earth throw
kokyu nage breath throw
koshi nage hip throw
juji nage figure ten throw
ishi otoshi stone drop
aiki otoshi aiki drop

Attacks used in Aikido

Attack Description
kata te dori single hand grab
kata dori shoulder grab
gyaku te dori single cross hand grab
ryote dori both hands grabbed
myote dori two hands grab one hand
shomen uchi overhead vertical strike
yokomen uchi 45 degree strike to neck/head
mune tsuki chest punch
ushiro dori grab from behind
ushiro ryote dori hands grabbed from behind
ushiro hiji dori elbows grabbed from behind
ushiro kata dori shoulders grabbed from behind
ushiro kubi shime choke from behind
ushiro kata te dori kubi shime hand and throat grabbed from behind